City Forest

City Forest

Located in Karheda of Raj Nagar Extension, City Forest is a magnificent park spread over 175 acres. A classified local picnic spot, City Forest consists of two lakes, five acres and three acres, each of which is a water reserve and a wetland, respectively. Divided into 9 distinct sections, the forest is lined with an array of medicinal and fruiting trees.

This forest park includes a deer park, a bamboo park, walking and hiking trails, cycle tracks, horse riding facilities and guided gypsy or jeep tours. The jungle also hosts venues for booked events and sports such as tennis and softball. Apart from the children’s playground, the park also has other leisure activities such as bungee jumping, toy train rides, occasional camel rides and an adventure camp.

Nature lovers will love this place, you can go on every activities like boating, cycling, horse / camel ride, jeep safari, especially on weekends you can plan for a family trip here.

The best place for Ghaziabad those who want to enjoy small or can have a picnic with family and friends in an open nature. Car parking which is only INR 25 / – and entry ticket 10 / -. You will find here Riding, Columbus Riding, Bungy Jumping, Toy Train for Children, Boating etc. There are lots of trees, small canteen of beautiful garden which is a good place. You can have food as you wish.

The City Forest is spread over a large area and provides a good place to relax, have a picnic with the family and enjoy the greenery. Numerous figures of village people and animals have been placed throughout the area. The place has enough benches to relax, food canteens for snacks, as well as activities such as boating, gypsy rides, etc.